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Keeping an Open Mind about Open Source

What is open source? It’s software you can download from the internet for free. But it usually requires some knowhow to get the software up and working.

For example, millions of offices around the world are using Asterisk, an Open Source PBX software.
We use asterisk at our office, and can configure it for other companies so they can have a very professional phone system at a very reasonable cost.

We can add customized greetings and menus (for example, press 1 for sales, 2 for accounting, etc).

We can configure asterisk to automatically send email copies of voicemails to one or more recipients.

And we can set up phones in remote offices or home offices—anywhere that has a good internet connection.
If you run a small office in Southeast Wisconsin and you’ve outgrown your phone system, contact me for a free quote.