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Introducing a New Doc Management Module

Thanks to everyone who responded to my last e-mail, asking for your input about document management.

We’ve taken your feedback to heart, and developed a new document scanning module. It’s designed to be incorporated into existing applications with very few modifications.

For a quick demo of the features and benefits, check out this 2-minute video:


(By the way, if you want to take advantage of the scanner feature, you’d need to buy and set up at least one desktop scanner. Here’s one we really like: Brother ADS-2000e).

If you’d like to discuss incorporating this module into your software, please let me know.

Looking for Candid Feedback

Would You Find This Helpful?

Over the years, we’ve written hundreds of custom software applications for customers in the United States and UK.

Lately, several customers have asked whether we offer a standard, pre-packaged document scanning/management solution which we could ‘bolt on’ to their existing software. But the development required to do this for a single client has always made this cost-prohibitive.

What do you think…

So I’d like to ask for your feedback. Would your company find this useful:

  • From inside your custom software, you navigate to one of your customers (or vendors, or products) and click on a new Launch Documents Form button.
  • In the form that launches, that customer’s subfolders appear. Clicking on a subfolder shows all the documents, e-mails, etc that you’ve saved to the subfolder.
  • When you click a Launch Scanner Dialog button on the form, the software will automatically scan the document in your scanner to a PDF, saving it into that subfolder.
  • The PDFs would be saved into regular Windows file folders, so they would be accessible from outside the application, and readily backed up whenever your backup software runs.

Of course, this would require a fair amount of programming. And we’d have to pay annual royalties to the company that wrote the scanner interface. But if several customers are interested, we could potentially divide up the cost of development by offering licenses for x number of users at your office.

(By the way, you’d also need to buy and set up at least one desktop scanner. Here’s one we really like: Brother ADS-2000e).

If this sounds like an enhancement you would find useful, please let me know, so I can get a feel for the level of overall interest.