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Next Time You’re Flying Overhead …

It’s true. Our custom software development company is smack dab in the middle of the Midwest–also known as ‘Fly-Over country’. Few celebrities or news-makers come from this neck of the woods. Several neighboring states have more cattle than people. Some may claim that we have a Wisconsin accent, But I have no idea what they’re talking about 🙂 . Others joke about our dairy air. I guess some humor never gets old …

One of our bovine best.

If you want to ignore us from 30,000 feet, go ahead. But please don’t equate Fly-Over country with ‘nothing to see here.’ Especially if you’re looking for top-notch software development and support services.

Consider the advantages of hiring Midwest software programmers:

  1. Midwest prices. Because the cost of living is lower here than either coast, we can afford to charge less for the same great custom software solutions.
  2. Midwest work ethic. Our programmers enjoy putting in a full day’s work. And they do it with a smile.
  3. Central location. If your company is on the East coast, and your software developer is on the West coast–how long do you have to wait before they return your call? If you work on the West coast, good luck getting afternoon support from your provider in the East! (At I/O Technologies, we stagger our staffing so that you can get live software support when you need it.)

So go ahead–fly right over. We don’t mind. You might even catch a friendly wave from us down below.

But after you land, come on over for a visit online, and turn your custom software dreams into reality.

I/O Technologies and the IOT

Ever since day one, we’ve always used the abbreviation IOT as a shortcut for I/O Technologies, Inc. But in recent years, IOT has become the standard three-letter acronym for the Internet of Things.

Which is OK by us, because IOT does IOT! Many of the projects we’re currently working on involve communicating with devices across the internet (or sometimes, a company’s intranet).

Are you thinking about a project that involves communicating with devices and harvesting the wealth of data they provide back to a central server? Do you need to integrate video feeds from remote cameras into your application? Or do you need to receive a text message whenever inventory levels of critical parts fall below a certain threshold?

IOT is right up IOT’s alley! Contact Us to discuss your project.