Why Custom Software?

Here’s a brief video describing why we do, what we do.

I’m Dave Martin. I own a company that is obsessed with writing great software. Software that clears away the obstacles that can often get in the way of a good manufacturing company, or distribution center or warehouse.

Over the years, our customers have often come to us frustrated by their legacy software because it just isn’t keeping up anymore with how they do business today. Others go out shopping for ERP solutions, only to discover that they’re bloated, and that they really don’t meet their needs at all—never mind the high price tag.

So rather than settling for never-ending licensing fees, and for software that forces them to fit inside someone else’s box, they come to us. That’s why our programmers are busy writing web sites and developing desktop applications that are tailored to the way our customers do business.

Custom software is an investment, that pays for itself over and over again. Our customers know that they can leverage that software year in and year out to grow their bottom line.

We’d welcome the opportunity to meet with you. To learn more about how you do business and your unique opportunities and challenges. And maybe to clear away some of those obstacles facing your company … so that you and your people have more time. And so that you can hone in on what it is that makes your company