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Problem With Level3 Phone Service

We’ve received notification from our VOIP service provider that Level3 phone lines are experiencing sporadic problems. This outage apparently spans the entire continental US.

If you’re having problems reaching us today, this is most likely the reason. We continue to be accessible via email.  Also, if you need to reach me directly, please feel free to call me on my cell: 414-870-8406.   Thanks for your patience and understanding in this regard.

Too often, companies compose flowery, verbose, meaningless mission statements along these lines:

Our mission is to provide outstanding customer service, great careers and professional satisfaction for our people, and to realize financial profitability so we can continue to grow, blah, blah blah.

In an attempt to capture the essence of what I/O Technologies Inc is all about, we sat down recently and nailed down a mission statement of our own:

We're obsessed with writing ingenious software that decreases complexity and increases productivity.

Our Mission and Obsession

We’d welcome your honest feedback. Does this reflect your impression of what we’re all about?

We’re Moving!

Relocation Notification


Starting next week Monday (August 25), we’ll be supporting your custom software applications from a new office building.

We hope to make the transition as seamless as possible. But moving an IT-related company includes a number of challenges related to internet connectivity, hosted web sites and phone systems. When you factor in the physical relocation of furniture, computers, servers and office equipment, it can be a real challenge to make sure everything goes well. So please bear with us during this upcoming transition.

Here’s our new mailing address:

N116W15830 MAIN ST  STE 101
GERMANTOWN WI 53022-2603

All the rest of our contact info will remain the same …

262-437-3239 or 800-993-9028

But no matter where we are, please know that we’ll continue to work our level best to meet you where you are.

Why Your Website Doesn’t Generate More Leads

Sometimes we optimistically assume that building a website–any website–will bring a surge of eager customers tripping over themselves in their rush to buy our products or services. Unfortunately, “If you build it, they will come” simply doesn’t apply to web development.

There are several reasons why web sites fail to generate sales. Over the next few days, I’ll outline five of the worst culprits. Here’s #1 …

1) Failure to optimize images for the web. Recent studies have demonstrated that if your pages take longer than one second to load, visitors will abandon your site in droves.

And it makes sense, doesn’t it? What’s your gut reaction when a site asks you to “PLEASE WAIT while we conjure up fabulous content for your eager eyes…” ?

If your pages take longer than one second to load … well, maybe it’s time to check your image sizes. Often the solution is simple: scale and/or crop your graphic files down to size. For example, the original file size of the photo above is almost 3 megabytes. After scaling the photo down to the intended viewing size, the file shrunk to 29K — one percent of its original size.

Resizing photos and images to fit their target space doesn’t require much time or skill. But the actual load time might spell the difference between a frustrated visitor, and a sale.

Boat Sales Software

I’m Dave Martin with I/O Technologies, a software company based in Germantown.

Our main focus is writing custom software applications for business. But over the years, we’ve also developed several commercial software applications—where we license the same software to multiple customers.

One of the most successful so far is called BoatQuote. Boat dealerships and marinas use BoatQuote to keep track of their customers and boat inventory.
If you’re a boat dealership or marina manager that’s looking for a better way to track their customers and generate more sales, please contact us!

Offer An Alternative to Snail Mail

During this prolonged economic downturn, many companies are looking for ways to reduce costs while continuing to offer great customer service.

Here’s one way to do just that: rather than spending money on paper, envelopes and postage, smart companies offer their customers the option of receiving their invoices and statements via email instead of “snail mail”. Some even take it one step farther, by offering statements and invoices available for download on their web site.

This approach not only reduces the cost of labor and materials. It also can reduce the number of support calls because customers can help themselves. So everybody wins!

Looking for a Competent Programmer? Ask for Free Samples!

I’m Dave Martin with I/O Technologies – a software company in Germantown, Wisconsin.

When you meet with someone to talk about your custom software project, one of the questions you might ask is, “Are they any good? — Do they provide a quality product or service? Would I be comfortable referring others to them?” You ask these questions because you know that some folks in your own industry are experts and professionals. And then there are all the rest.

So let me speak to your concerns. Over the years we’ve developed several software programs that we use in our office every day. Recently we uploaded them to our website, to share with our friends, neighbors and anybody else who might benefit from using them. These applications are totally free—we’re giving them away to showcase what we can do. If you’re interested, please visit our web site   ( and click on the Free Stuff link for details.

At I/O Technologies, we write custom software that’s good for business.