Configuring WordPress

So far I’ve been able to get WordPress running–up to a point. As long as the updates that I want to submit are saved into the MySQL database, everythings fine. But when I tried to upload a different image to customize this blog site, it started getting ugly. The site returned the message: The uploaded file could not be moved to /wp-content/uploads/2012/08.

I searched for solutions online. One suggested tweaking the upload folder, adding/removing leading / trailing forward slashes. That didn’t work. Others suggested that you have to update permissions to 777. I was hesitant to do so, because that’s just throwing the door wide open for hackers. But after messing around for several hours, I decided to give it a try–thinking that I’d be able to reset permissions afterward. For me, that fixed the issue. Our blog now displays a custom header at the top of the 2011 theme.

I also tried adding a comment to see whether I could. Since this wrote straight to mySQL, it wasn’t a problem. But I noticed that the site didn’t email me a notification–even though it appears to be configured correctly. I suspect the issue is that I didn’t install sendmail on the machine. I’m going to poke around some more to see whether I can use smtp passthrough to route emails back and forth between this new machine and our mail server. I’ll update this blog once I figure that out.

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