More WordPress issues to resolve

I struggled to install a couple of plugins and received the message: An unexpected error occurred. Something may be wrong with or this server’s configuration. If you continue to have problems, please try the support forums.

Try again

Yeah, right. Try again. Try finding an explanation as to what’s causing this or how to deal with it, but no joy. Oh, I found a thread that amounted to an argument between other frustrated WP users as to whether they should start a separate thread about this issue or not–but no solutions appeared on the horizon.

So here’s what I’m going to do: Abandon this Slackware install. I googled the question, “Which is the best distro for WordPress.” The concensus seems to be either Ubuntu or CentOS, with more answers leaning toward CentOS. I’m not a big fan of Ubuntu–seems too much geared for users who don’t need or want to get under the hood. And I’d prefer not having to use sudo all the time.

So for now, I’m downloading CentOS 6.3 and will install it on a different machine.

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