Three Short Case Studies

“You mean you can do that? I didn’t know you guys could handle this kind of technology.”

It’s not unusual to hear comments like this from customers and prospects of our custom software company. So today I thought I’d share three examples of how to leverage custom software to take control of your business and drive sales to the next level.

Control devices from your phone system (or PC, or web page).

door strike

Soon, our company will be moving into a new building. Since our offices will be on the 2nd floor, we installed a video doorbell next to the first-floor foyer door, so we can communicate with our visitors in the foyer. The door already has an electric door strike like the one to the right. But what would be the easiest (and least expensive) way to open the door remotely?

The former tenants used several hard-wired push buttons, which were situated in odd places that wouldn’t meet our needs. So we rerouted the wiring to a USB relay in the server room, and wrote custom code to control the relay. Now, by dialing a special extension, we’ll be able to open the door from any phone, anywhere.

Maybe you don’t need to open a door remotely. But the same techniques can be applied to controlling lights, fans, motors, heaters, bells—virtually any device controlled by a switch.

Link your website to local data.

Many companies use local desktop software systems to handle payroll, quote preparation, order entry, and invoicing. When employees can’t come to the office, but still need to access that data from outside, what can you do? Or maybe your customers prefer to check on the status of their orders without calling your office.

Link Website to Local Data

In cases like these, a custom website might be the best solution. We can build a site tailored to your needs, along with functionality to sync local data to the site. In fact, we just finished a project where field service reps enter data on I-Pads, which then synchronize via a website to the local database. With a system like this, employees (and potentially, customers) can view and update data in your office, no matter where they happen to be.

Send event-driven e-mails and text messages

E-mail and SMS notifications

Now and then, unexpected events are bound to crop up at your business. Some might rise to crisis-level. How much time and money does your company spend needlessly putting out fires that could have been prevented, had you known about the issue earlier?

Custom software can monitor your systems and send notifications to key people automatically. Here are just a few examples:

  • The number of hits on your company’s website changes dramatically.

  • Inventory levels dip below a preset threshold.

  • A brand new customer submits her first order or support request.

  • Account balances in your accounting software fluctuate in unexpected ways.

  • Key employees fail to clock in or out.

The Bottom Line

If you can envision it—and describe what you need—we can code it. Which applications could use some updating at your company? Contact us to discuss your project. There’s never a charge for the initial consultation.