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Voice Over IP phone system
We recently upgraded the phone system in our office, swapping out hardware and adding more lines. So now we’re looking to place our previous PBX in a good home.
This Voice-Over-IP system is fully functional and would be great for a small office setting. The PBX has a number of cool functions, including:

  • Built-in voicemail with optional email notification
  • Browser-based speed dial, including the ability to click any hypertext number and have the system dial it for you.
  • Browser-based call history log
  • Conference calling
  • Blacklist capability
  • Customizable automated attendant

As configured, this PBX system can support up to 4 inbound analog phone lines. It can then share those lines amongst many internal phone extensions. Right now we have up to 7 desk phones available (see photos) but more could be added fairly easily.
When it was brand new, this phone system originally cost over $1000 for the PBX components, plus $159 for each desk phone.
We’ll install the PBX in your office, and customize the automated attended script, for just $350. The phone sets cost $35 each. Depending on your computer network, we might be able to use existing network wiring. If more wiring is needed, we can discuss.
You might be asking, “So is this an introductory teaser deal, where we’ll have to sign a contract and make ongoing payments?” Nope. The system is a few years old, and definitely upgradable—if you want to do that sometime down the road, we can help. But we’re not looking to rope anybody into a commitment they’re not happy with.
This offer includes travel to/from your office within the Metro-Milwaukee area. (I’d need to charge for travel to locations farther out.)

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