Why Your Website Doesn’t Generate More Leads

Sometimes we optimistically assume that building a website–any website–will bring a surge of eager customers tripping over themselves in their rush to buy our products or services. Unfortunately, “If you build it, they will come” simply doesn’t apply to web development.

There are several reasons why web sites fail to generate sales. Over the next few days, I’ll outline five of the worst culprits. Here’s #1 …

1) Failure to optimize images for the web. Recent studies have demonstrated that if your pages take longer than one second to load, visitors will abandon your site in droves.

And it makes sense, doesn’t it? What’s your gut reaction when a site asks you to “PLEASE WAIT while we conjure up fabulous content for your eager eyes…” ?

If your pages take longer than one second to load … well, maybe it’s time to check your image sizes. Often the solution is simple: scale and/or crop your graphic files down to size. For example, the original file size of the photo above is almost 3 megabytes. After scaling the photo down to the intended viewing size, the file shrunk to 29K — one percent of its original size.

Resizing photos and images to fit their target space doesn’t require much time or skill. But the actual load time might spell the difference between a frustrated visitor, and a sale.

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